Education. Client Focus. Expert Execution.

We work to give our clients the best experience possible when trading ETFs. With our consultative approach to trading, we’ve made a commitment to education and client focus as core parts of our business. Our experienced traders and cutting-edge technology allow us to offer competitive pricing and expert execution across all asset classes.


LONG HERITAGE as an exchange market maker. One of the only ETF trading firms in continuous operation since the inception of ETFs over 20 years ago.

STRONG RELATIONSHIPS with more than 500 clients and trading partners developed over 15 years of customer business1.

SPECIALIZED TRADING DESKS dedicated to each asset class provide competitive pricing and expert insight.

A TRUSTED RESOURCE for client questions on everything from product selection to execution strategies to market structure.


DEDICATED SALES AND TRADING TEAM focused on educating and understanding the needs of our clients.

CUSTOMIZED STRATEGIES to meet any client needs or benchmarks, while minimizing impact. Skilled, flexible execution as either principal or agent, with capital facilitation as needed.

STEP-BY-STEP CONSULTATIVE APPROACH throughout the life cycle of ETF usage.

PRE- AND POST-TRADE ANALYSIS guides investment decisions and execution strategies while ensuring transparency.

At A Glance

We quote virtually all 1,800 U.S.-LISTED ETFs across all asset classes

Lead Market Maker, Designated Liquidity Provider, or Specialist in over
500 ETFs
in the U.S. since 1993

#1 trader of Europe-listed ETFs, making markets in over 1,200UCITS ETFs2

Trading capabilities in 50+COUNTRIES

We trade over 100METF SHARES DAILY

Our daily trading activity results in the CREATION AND REDEMPTION OF NEARLY $1B PER DAY in gross ETF market value.

Able to source liquidity in fixed income markets through our BOND DEALER DESK

INDUSTRY-LEADING wholesaling platform offering unique special order handling for ETFs3

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Bart Smith Co-Head, ETF Group

Damon Walvoord Co-Head, ETF Group

questions? 866 SIG DESK (744.3375) or  SIGDESK@SIG.COM