Our culture is strong and deeply embedded in our approach to business. We care about:

The Entrepreneurial Mindset

We want everyone at SIG to think like an entrepreneur. Our growth is driven by ideas, iterative and bold, local and global. We are not constrained by traditional approaches and we thrive on creating innovative solutions to challenging problems.

Good Decision Making

We believe in a rigorous and analytical approach to decision making. Making good decisions is fundamental to success in the financial markets and in life. Becoming a good decision maker requires reflection and practice. We provide training and support to help each person become a better decision maker.


We believe that smart people working together will always come up with a better solution than the lone genius. We design our work environments to promote communication and to keep out unnecessary hierarchy and bureaucracy. Our collective intellect and wisdom are improved through discourse and debate.


We value the expertise of the people we hire. We provide an environment where each individual can have measurable impact and the freedom to grow.


Our reputation means everything. Having a high level of integrity is one of the most important characteristics we possess.