We’ve Got Game...

Game theory rings true in everything we do. We’re big on competition, strategy, and managing risk – just like great gamers are. Find out how we use our favorite games to hone our skills and apply them to complex financial markets.


The game of poker is valuable in more ways than you may think. We use poker to teach new traders about decision making under uncertainty. Our traders go through similar thought processes while evaluating the expected value of a given trade and deciding how to price risk.


We’ve found that the best strategy does not necessarily depend on what has already happened in the game, but how past actions of your opponents can provide insight into the way they think.

We challenged Jennifer Shahade, Two-time American Women’s Chess Champion, to a simul chess game. See the match results

Magic: The Gathering

Magic requires the same set of skills our traders use: decision making with imperfect information, observation of your opponents, and strategizing to maximize your potential to win. It’s kind of a big deal here, and so are some of our players.

Strategic Board Games

We like board games that require strategic thinking, pattern identification, and quick response time. We like the challenge of Backgammon, The Settlers of Catan, SET, The Resistance, Hanabi, Power Grid, and Dominion – just to name a few.

Video Games

Strategy is a huge part of certain video games. We like action games that require reactions to small changes in a fast paced environment.

Team Sports

There are many lessons that carry over from team sports to SIG. We work collaboratively, each playing his or her part in information gathering, assessing alternatives, execution, and risk management.