Meet an Accountant

Meet an Accountant

Our accountants are given a lot of variety in their work. How has this translated to your role?

At my prior company, I was really focused on one aspect of accounting, fixed assets. When I started at SIG, however, I had responsibility for several ledgers where I was able to see any adjustments, make allocations, and work with teams across the firm like AP and Trading Operations to review and reconcile the monthly close processes for those ledgers.

Our Accounting Managers are always looking at our workload and will present opportunities to get involved in more complex work such as complex financial analysis for reporting or managing new entities. I've been given the responsibility to manage a larger and more complex ledger, along with taking on more of a reviewer role for GLs managed by other team members. I've really enjoyed the opportunity to get such deep exposure to our full ledger and our end to end monthly and annual accounting processes.

Walk us through a typical month in your role.

Since I work on the main paying entity, the first two weeks of my month are very busy and focused on the core accounting aspects of my role. I'm preparing and booking entries daily, and those entries could include anything from accruing audit fees to allocating firm-wide expenses across multiple entities. During the third week, I analyze my GL and start my review process for other ledgers to ensure everything reconciles on month-to-month basis. I also provide variance explanations to the other accountants for any large swings in the current month's operating expenses. As that work starts to wind down, the end of my month is spent reviewing holding companies, finishing up on any ad-hoc work, and preparing for the next month's close.

Even with all this, what I love most about my role is that there really isn't a "typical" month. Aside from my core accounting responsibilities, I've had opportunities to expand into more complex accounting and ledger reviews, along with get involved in projects outside of that. And I've loved the exposure and knowledge I've gained across these areas.

What projects and experiences have been most rewarding for you so far?

I’ve been able to tap into my tech side; I really like systems and building things. I’ve been able to improve processes, like transforming large data sets to make them easier to review. Everyone is always asking for new ways to look at information, so if you have ideas on how to improve efficiency, you’re encouraged to share them, evaluate them, and then run with them.

We talk a lot about teamwork and collaboration at SIG. Where do you see this demonstrated on the Accounting team?

Our team is really close; we go to each other to share ideas or to ask for or offer help, especially since we sit two to an office. Collaboration is highly encouraged, not only within our team, but across the firm. We have weekly staff meetings with our Accounting Managers and the Head of Accounting, where we can review questions, share any concerns, and hear updates about timelines or something new that is coming out. We have similar informal discussions within our team as well, including opportunities to get together and talk in monthly team lunches. In fact, our open door policy is one of the things I love about SIG – if I need to talk to someone within or outside of my team, it's second nature. That’s really helped me continue to build my knowledge of my work and of SIG and my understanding of how “it” all fits together.

What resources does SIG provide to help you grow individually and advance your career?

SIG has a lot of learning opportunities available, including online resources, classes held on-site that relate to the business and to technologies used for analysis (like Excel, VBA or SQL), as well as CPE credits that my team can utilize to build our knowledge and stay on top of trends and pronouncements within Accounting. I’ve taken Excel classes where I’ve learned how to write and record macros along with classes that our Head of Accounting put together on interest and monthly reconciliations. Classes like this have directly impacted my ability to suggest and implement process improvements within my team, which has been amazing.