Meet an Accountant

Meet an Accountant

How did you find out about SIG?

I first heard about SIG while in college at Temple. When I looked at SIG’s open accounting positions, they were looking for someone with more experience, so I kept the idea of working for SIG on the back burner. When I was looking for jobs again, I saw SIG in Philly's Coolest Companies and that jogged my memory and I applied from there.

Describe what the transition from public to corporate accounting was like.

The biggest difference at SIG is that you know more or less what you’re going to be doing every single day. In public accounting, you’re always working on different projects with different teams or companies. One week I could be with a team in one part of Pennsylvania and the next week, I’d be with another. It’s definitely more stable and consistent at SIG, which I think is a good thing. I love the team I work with and have really been able to connect with everyone. I’ve also been able to get to know my business units really well. In public accounting, you might only have the chance to do certain parts of the audit. Here at SIG, I’m responsible for everything up until the manager does the final review. I’m making all the entries and running the monthly close process, and I’m doing it all on my own. It’s a lot different from public, where you’re handling one part of the big picture. I also took classes at SIG to learn about the business, like “SIG Products” and “Intro to SIG.” I found them very helpful as I learned about the firm and its businesses.

We talk a lot about teamwork and collaboration at SIG. Where do you see this demonstrated in your current role?

I feel like it naturally happened. In my first month I shadowed another accountant for the first entity I was going to be taking over, and in the second month I was running with things on my own and would refer back to that colleague for guidance. Still today, she has been my go-to to ask questions for that entity. Everyone has been really helpful and willing to answer any questions I’ve had, whether they’ve been about the entities I’ve taken ownership of, or were general in nature. It’s an open door policy with anyone on the team. If someone finds a better way to do something, they’ll come to you and vice versa. You’re always bouncing ideas off each other.

What do you like most about SIG's culture?

A big thing for me is how approachable everyone is. It’s not intimidating. Everyone is really friendly, and I look forward to going into work every single day. It’s a challenging environment, but everyone is working together. It doesn’t feel like work is just being handed down to you.

What made you decide to join our team?

The interview itself is what sold me. I really liked meeting with the accounting managers and the team. Hearing about SIG and its reputation, being able to work with smart, driven people every day; I knew it would be challenging, which is what I wanted, and it has been. The other good thing is they actually want to hear from you on how they can make things better. My boss is always asking us for ideas, and I think that’s awesome.