Meet an Associate Systems Engineer

Meet an Associate Systems Engineer

Tell us about your role.

As an Associate Systems Engineer, I’m responsible for monitoring our server environment and making necessary changes on hosts. This role really stood out for me because of the rotational program. I’m getting exposure to the Windows, Linux, Virtual, Storage, Networking, and Citrix teams, by working closely with them on specific projects or solutions. I also have access to our on-site labs and get to test my own ideas.

What is unique about the rotation you’re currently in?

Right now, I’m leading a large-scale monitoring project for our Storage team. We are revamping the monitoring of our production SAN infrastructure, which will improve real-time alerting. It will put compliance reporting in place for device configuration and settings to make sure all SAN switches are configured and operating as expected. I’m getting to collaborate with the other engineering teams and getting experience in project management, in addition to working closely with our Networking team. This gives me tremendous insight on how we structure our network and how we engineer the systems behind it. It has allowed me to build relationships across different teams which has been really valuable.

What do you like most about SIG technology?

We strive for speed. SIG is committed to staying ahead of the curve, and it’s pretty impressive the things we do here with cutting-edge technology. We’re always pushing the envelope and tweaking things to make our systems better.