Meet an Investment Associate

Meet an Investment Associate

Alma Mater: Boston College (Carroll School of Management)

Hometown: Queens, New York

What led you to Growth Equity?

I was lucky enough to be exposed to high growth technology companies and numerous VC/PE investors during my time at Boston College. A professor encouraged me to pursue my curiosity for opportunities at the intersection of technology and finance. Through his guidance and mentorship, I was fortunate enough to land my first finance internship at a well-known social networking company during my freshman year at BC. This experience gave me unique exposure to high growth technology companies and the opportunity to interact with numerous technology focused venture capital/private equity investors, who were extremely generous with their time and advice. This ultimately led to internship and full-time job opportunities at technology focused venture capital/private equity investment firms.

How did you find out about SGE?

I initially found out about SGE through Scott Feldman, one of the MDs at SGE, who is also a fellow Boston College Alumni. I met Scott and learned about SGE while I was interning with an investment bank. I was intrigued by SGE's origin story, unique/permanent source of capital, and impressed by the firm's track record as well as the numerous interactions I had with the SGE team. Scott and I stayed in touch a few times a year for the next couple of years, until last spring, when we reconnected and discussed the possibility of working together at SGE. The rest is history. It was a no-brainer.

What do you like best about working at SGE?

The people. The SGE team consists of some of the friendliest, most honest, intellectual, and thoughtful technology investors I've met in the industry. I have also enjoyed the dynamic, fast-paced, and collaborative culture at SGE. I love being a part of one of the biggest bootstrapped, entrepreneurial success stories in history.

What is a typical working day like for you?

There's no typical day. On certain days, I can be building complex transaction/financial models, analyzing a company's customer base to understand historical cohort/retention behavior, and/or formulating an investment memo to present to our partnership at our investment committee meetings, all of which help drive SGE's investment decisions. Some days are spent reaching out to and building relationships with CEOs and discussing their company's product, business model, customers, market landscape, and financial performance. On other days, I'm traveling across North America and Europe meeting with CEOs and management teams of companies that are prospective investment targets for SGE (I've been to 15 cities and three countries in the past year). All in all, there's never a dull day at the office.

What is unique about your current role? What projects and experiences are most rewarding for you?

My current role is unique primarily due to its hybrid nature. My role allows me to both execute/manage investments in high growth internet and software companies and thematically source new investment opportunities/categories across the continuously evolving technology landscape. One of my most rewarding experiences thus far has been my involvement in the execution of SGE's $35M investment in Poppulo, an employee communications platform for large, complex multi-national enterprises. I had the distinct opportunity to help lead our diligence efforts and travel to the company's headquarters in Ireland for on-site diligence with the company's Founder/CEO and management team.

What traits make someone at SGE successful?

Teamwork and collaboration are fundamental to every role at SGE. Whether it is working on new investment opportunities with senior SGE investors or collaborating with Founder/CEOs and their management teams at our portfolio companies on value-add strategic initiatives, every successful project at SGE requires teamwork and collaboration. I also really appreciate the flat organizational structure and transparency. We have a lean, tight-knit group, which means there is significant autonomy and trust amongst everyone on the team. In other words, everyone at SGE is a self-starter and your opinion is not only valued, but is crucial in driving key investment decisions at the firm.

What is your favorite thing about living in the Philadelphia area?

The food scene in Philadelphia is next level and holds its own against any other city in the Northeast Corridor, let alone the United States. Whether it's Zahav, Pizzeria Beddia, El Vez, Morimoto, or V-Street, there's something for everyone in Philly's food scene.