Meet a Linux Systems Engineer

Meet a Linux Systems Engineer

Tell us about your role.

Our team is responsible for providing insight and direction for our Linux-based trading systems. We also automate large-scale deployments and the management of our Linux server infrastructure. On top of this, we are responsible for troubleshooting complex problems that arise in our ever-changing environment. Our morning begins with a few routine checks to ensure the server environment is ready to go, but then we dive into various projects. Our time spent on these projects is sometimes broken up by support calls, people bouncing a question off us, or for general discussion. The end of our day involves planning for changes after the financial markets close.

What projects and experiences have been most rewarding for you so far?

I was recently involved with onboarding two new versions of SIG’s operating system. I got to participate in everything from testing the products to deploying them, and then optimizing them to adapt to the needs of the teams we support. When my team brings in a new product and the impact can be seen firm-wide, the effort feels well worth it.

What inspired you to choose this career path?

My career path was shaped by the people and projects at SIG. Surprisingly, I had little interest in Linux during my high school and early college years. I had always been more of a Microsoft guy until I was exposed to Linux at SIG. I developed an interest, gained hands on experience, and now it has become my career.