Meet an Operations Analyst Intern

Meet an Operations Analyst Intern

Alma Mater: University of New Hampshire

Hometown: Hatfield, PA

What do you like most about the culture at SIG?

The freedom to walk up to anyone in the office and ask them a question. No one at SIG is hiding in an office, and it makes it really easy to get things done. People are always happy to share their knowledge and experience so no matter what situation you may find yourself in, someone near you will have the answer.

In your opinion, what is the best perk we offer?

As a recent college grad, the free food is hard to beat. We also have hot breakfast every monthly expiration. The OA Internship gives you a lot of cool opportunities to do things with other interns, too. One of the coolest things I did was going to a Gold Cup game in the Presidential Suite at Lincoln Financial Field.

What did your community look like through your internship and into full-time?

As interns, we all stayed in housing at Penn's campus, which really created a great after work environment. SIG sponsored a ton of activities outside of work (ropes course, sports games, dinners, Dave and Buster's, escape the room, etc.) which helped all the interns get to know each other. When I decided to join SIG as a full-time Operations Analyst, I already had a handful of good friends that I had lived with the previous summer coming back, which made the transition to a full-time job much easier.

What was a typical working day like for you?

As an Operations Analyst Intern, I would come in around 7:30 a.m. My first task was to provide color on our top pre-open movers. I would look for any corporate actions or company news that could explain why the move was significant. From there, I would start running any daily reports I was assigned and hand out some volume sheets to Operations Analysts and traders. After that, I began working on my projects, most of which were geared towards fine tuning my technical skills. I was given a lot of responsibility as an intern. This helped me feel part of the team and immersed in SIG's culture.

What did you like about being an Operations Analyst Intern?

The best thing about being part of the Operations team is the opportunity to interact with all different groups in and outside the organization. On a daily basis, you are problem solving between traders, technologists, and brokerage firms. The Operations team translates solutions between groups and ensures the overall organization is supported. I also enjoyed learning what a difference technology can make in order to do your job more efficiently and effectively. I was able to cut down on the overall time a task took, simply by automating it.

What advice do you have for future OA Interns?

The recruiting team will send you materials on basic options and trading prior to the start date - definitely read through those as I found them very helpful! Even though no one expects you to have mastered everything prior to joining SIG, having a basic understanding and familiarization with key terms can make the learning curve easier. Also, make sure you ask questions whenever you have them. Everyone really wants to help the interns understand why certain tasks or projects are important to the overall business and it can make your work more meaningful.

If you were speaking with someone who was considering starting their career at SIG, what advice would you give them?

You won't regret it. Nobody at SIG made it here by mistake, it's unquestionably the smartest and hardest working group of people I have been around. That being said, everyone is extremely laid back and down to earth. There's really no better place to learn about the financial world than with some of the top minds in the industry.