Meet an Operations Analyst

Meet an Operations Analyst

Alma Mater: Villanova University

Major: Mathematics

Hometown: Acton, MA

What drew you to the Operations Analyst Program?

I took several classes in college on the mathematics behind financial derivatives and option pricing models. I knew that after college I wanted to apply my math skills to financial markets. The Operations Analyst Program especially is a great transition from college to a career because of the emphasis on learning and education both from classroom sessions and from other SIG employees. With each rotation, I was able to shadow other group members to learn about different products, functions, technical skills, and day-to-day work.

What did you enjoy most about the Operations Analyst Program?

Through the rotational program, I was able to work with people in offices around the world and I’ve been able to leverage those relationships in my current role. I’ve also worked on a lot of rewarding projects that I was able to see through from start to finish. Being able to take a problem or a process that was entirely manual, come up with a solution, and write all of the code in an efficient and logical manner gave me a great sense of accomplishment.