Meet a Security Intern

Meet a Security Intern

Alma Mater: Rochester Institute of Technology

Hometown: Zanesville, OH

What made you decide to join our team as an intern?

I was looking for an internship that would challenge me, push me beyond what I learned in the classroom, and help me grow in my security capabilities and professionalism. The college classroom can only do so much for teaching you to question why something is done a certain way or challenging you to think outside the box. My past internships fell short of my expectations to provide me with this environment and I knew that there was more out there that I wanted to learn about and experience in an operational environment. I was not disappointed, and the exposure I received to different technologies and best practices in my ten week internship exceeded my expectations.

What did you like best about working here as an intern?

Throughout the entirety of my internship, I was seen as part of the team. I was made responsible for projects, held accountable for their progress, and had the freedom to solve problems in the way I saw best fit. I felt like my ideas were respected and appreciated during my internship, and that everyone saw me not just as an intern, but as a valuable resource to the team's success. Being a rising senior in college and having this responsibility, respect, and value given to you by technology professionals is such an empowering feeling that fosters an amazing amount of personal and professional self-growth.

What do you like most about SIG technology?

There is an open and collaborative environment throughout SIG technology teams that is vital for learning and developing technical skills at an exponential rate. For me, the most important aspect for an intern is being able to openly ask questions without restraint or fear that you are asking too much. Throughout my internship, I felt like I could approach anyone from any team with any questions. I cannot think of a day during my internship that I was not bouncing ideas off of other members on the Security team or asking for more information about a process or procedure. Some of my interests led me to expand beyond my immediate team and reach out to others on a variety of technology teams. Everyone I talked with was more than happy to lend a helping hand or point me in the right direction. If they themselves couldn't provide an answer, they always introduced me to someone who could help. Technology is growing at such a rapid pace that you yourself cannot keep up with everything, and everyone has a specific area of expertise at SIG.

In your opinion, what is the best perk we offer?

I really enjoy the daily catered food at the office. It is a great convenience and helps me to stay focused on my work throughout the day. I am also able to maximize my time at home because I don’t have to worry about planning meals. This really supports the work/life balance that SIG takes pride in, providing an environment where you can focus on work at the office and on your life when at home.