Meet a Technology Co-op

Meet a Technology Co-Op

Alma Mater: Drexel University

Major: Computer Science

Hometown: Reading, PA

What projects and experiences have been most rewarding for you so far?

During my co-op, I worked on a server-side monitor with one of my mentors. Even though he oversaw the project, he gave me the opportunity to develop sections of it by myself. My mentor was always there to give me guidance if I needed him, but I enjoyed having the independence to create something on my own. It was a great learning experience and was nice to see my code go into production. The project that I worked on is now being utilized by three additional teams, which is really cool.

If you were speaking with a graduate who was considering starting their career at SIG, what advice would you give them?

Never take technology at face value. Learn how everything works under the hood. At SIG, we’ll encourage you to dive in and learn about how things work. You also have the opportunity to get your hands on a lot of different technologies here, which has helped me continue to learn and grow as a developer.

What is your favorite thing about living in the Philadelphia area?

Proximity to everything – you’re an hour away from the beach but an hour away from hiking trails in the mountains too. I also love going to concerts and there are so many theaters, concert halls, and stadiums central to Philadelphia that is nearly impossible to miss your favorite artist when they are on tour. Also: cheesesteaks.