Meet an ETF Sales + Trading Intern

Meet an ETF Sales + Trading Intern

Alma Mater: Duke University

Hometown: Pittsburgh, PA

What do you like most about working at SIG?

I think the entrepreneurial atmosphere is what's most appealing to me. Intellectual curiosity is highly valued, and people are always eager to share their knowledge and ideas. As an intern, and even as a full-time employee, you spend a lot of time in a formal classroom setting each week delving into a wide variety of topics ranging from the basics of trading options to coding in SQL. Everyone one at SIG is constantly learning.

What was your ETF Sales + Trading Internship like?

Being able to work right on the trading floor as an intern was an awesome experience. I was able to work on interesting projects that were truly valued by my team. Specifically, I built a tool using Bloomberg and Excel that would alert traders in real-time to news that might impact the products they trade. As a current full-time employee on my desk, I still use a number of tools that I helped to build during my internship. Interns spend time learning about each of the specific roles and functions on the desk, which is incredibly valuable for learning exactly how the team functions and where it fits in the context of SIG's business as a whole.

What was a typical working day like for you?

I generally get to work between 7 and 7:30 a.m. I grab breakfast and coffee from SIG's kitchen and write up various morning reports which get sent out to traders, sales teams, and other decision-makers on the floor. I'll typically read the news before the market opens, and prepare for any meetings or phone calls that I have scheduled for the day. Throughout the course of the trading day, I'll be interfacing alongside other members of our team between SIG traders and the end customers we serve. Communication and collaboration are key to making sure this process works effectively. Every day often presents new challenges which require innovative problem solving, and that's one aspect of sales and trading at SIG that I enjoy the most. Travel is also a part of my job - some highlights from my internship were going to the opening bell at the NYSE and meeting with ETF issuers and desk trading partners throughout New York City.

How do you see collaboration at play on a day-to-day basis?

A big part of what makes working at SIG exciting is that new situations arise throughout the trading day which require quick thinking and acute problem solving skills. These challenges are always best tackled with many minds working together, and that's exactly how we approach them. Since we all sit closely together in the trading room, we are able to talk things through as a group, with everyone contributing their thoughts and asking meaningful questions to ensure that we reach the ideal solution. These conversations extend beyond our desk, as well - traders, operations, and developers all work together in order ensure that we achieve efficient outcomes.

In your opinion, what is the best perk we offer?

SIG has partnerships with a number of local restaurants and museums which makes exploring Philadelphia fun and more affordable. The best part is that you'll never feel guilty about indulging in Philly's food scene, as long as you make sure to spend some time in SIG's on-site gym. As an employee, you're also able to take advantage of a number of different group fitness classes and even personal trainers.

What is your favorite thing about living in the Philadelphia area?

Despite my deep Pittsburgh roots, it's tough to deny that it's a great time to be a Philadelphia sports fan. Going to the games or even just watching somewhere in Center City or nearby the stadiums is always a blast. Everyone in the office wears jerseys on Fridays, and it's always cool to see people representing Philly teams, their alma mater, or, if they're brave enough, an out of town rival. Group outings to games happen regularly as well - every summer, for example, we head to Citizens Bank Park to take in a Phillies game together as a firm.