Meet a C# Software Developer

Meet a C# Software Developer

How has your career grown at SIG?

I worked in the Market Data team when I first joined. I had a great mentor, and we spent a good amount of time thinking about design. He taught me how important it was to come up with a good architecture, and not to just jump right in to coding. I learned a lot from that mindset and experienced firsthand that those early design decisions made my projects easier to maintain and extend down the road.

I then moved to the Options Technology team through our internal transfer process. My current team has a stronger emphasis on evaluating coding choices based on latency. We have to work quickly on these problems and sometimes have to forgo elaborate design in favor of speed. I learned that new and different challenges force us to come up with new ideas. When you get exposed to different situations like these, your mind stretches a bit and you come up with more creative solutions.

In your opinion, what is the best perk we offer?

Catered lunch is at the top. I especially love the Mexican and Indian food days and sometimes there are vegetarian BBQ options that I really like. But there are other practical benefits as well. I don’t have to go to a mechanic shop anymore because SIG offers car pick-up and delivery for any repair services. And, SIG’s gym is onsite, so I can go when I have time, but don’t feel bad if I miss a workout since I’m not paying dues.