Meet a Network Administrator

Meet a Network Administrator

Tell us about your role.

Our team is responsible for supporting our network. We accomplish this by ensuring we are ready for business before the financial markets open each day. We also monitor and maintain an optimized and reliable connection as the day goes on. We check the status of all our major connections between sites and the exchanges, and make sure that our links are optimized for speed and capacity. I must balance troubleshooting any problems that arise with projects I’m working on, like working with the senior engineers to implement new solutions and enhancements that keep SIG’s network ahead of the curve.

What is unique about your current role?

Our team is usually kept pretty busy with the support aspect of the job, but each team member has a lot of personal control over the design and implementation of new technologies. We aren’t forced to follow a rigid set of steps to present our ideas and designs. The entire network group has a weekly meeting to talk about current projects and throw out ideas so we can brainstorm together. It doesn’t matter if the idea comes from the manager of the department or someone that joined the team yesterday, everyone can submit their suggestion.

If you were speaking with someone who was considering joining SIG, what would you say?

It’s a fast-paced and demanding environment, but it’s very rewarding. You get to learn a lot about the business and work with cutting-edge technologies. People start their careers here from all different backgrounds, so your degree and area of formal education don’t rule out your prospective career path. Your opportunities at SIG are driven by your passion to learn, interest in technology, and how you work through problems.